Crossing In Time by D. L. Orton

Love • Betrayal • Murder • Bowling?

If someone took everything you live for, how far would you go to get it back?

When offered a one-way trip to the past, Isabel sacrifices everything for a chance to change the doomed present—and see her murdered lover one last time. When she arrives 20 years in the past, buck naked and mortally wounded, she has 24 hours to convince a stunned 19-year-old guy to change his future. Definitely easier said than done, as success means losing him to a brainy, smart-mouthed bombshell (her younger self), and that’s a heart-breaker, save the world or not.

This genre-defying adventure is about falling madly in love when one is too cynical for such things, letting go of pessimism when it’s the last lifejacket on a sinking ship, and racing against the clock when one doesn’t have the proper footwear. It’s a coming of age story for old fogeys, a how to fall in love guide for diehard singles, and a laugh out loud tragedy with a hopeful twist. Love conquers all. (Unfortunately, it’s not going to be enough.)

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Crossing In Time: The 1st Disaster
(Between Two Evils #1)
D. L. Orton

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