Month: March 2015


Matt is a fifty-something professor and physicist at the University of Colorado. He grew up outside London, and although he’s been married and divorced, has recently “come out” gay (and he’s good with that!) He dresses well, is a terrible cook, flies


Tego is young (19 when we first meet him), idealistic, patient, earnest, funny, driven, over-analyses things, easily hurt, insecure at times. He had less tragedy in his life than his older counterpart, Diego, and is more able to handle the challenges

Great Indie Stars of 2015

In BookLife and Publishers Weekly’s second annual starred reviews roundup, we celebrate the best of the best: the indie-published books that received starred reviews in 2015. And we check in with some of the authors of these titles, asking them


Rick owns Rick’s Café on the beach at La Isla. He’s very black, Jamacian, speaks with a British accent, has very nice manners, and seems to know something that the characters don’t… Email Rick